Origin Development

Our technical team has a significant track record and more than 25 years experience in the development of new origins for the production of peanuts.

We partner with existing and would-be suppliers worldwide to share control of the following:

  • Sowing peanut seed with Amazone drillSourcing, Installation and Management of all necessary infrastructure and machinery.
  • Development and supply of highest quality high oleic planting seed (through CGAR Seed Operation USA).
  • Development of all processes including growing, harvesting, drying, storage and quality control.
  • Shelling and further processing including blanching to produce value added products.
  • Management and training in all quality control aspects.

The team brings intricate knowledge from their work in different origins combined with a clear commercial understanding of what the market is looking for in terms of producer specification and quality. This skill sharing has proved fundamental to the success of our partnership with suppliers and in gaining the confidence of major manufacturers to whom we supply.

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