CGAR has the unique ability to provide added value to peanut growers, processors and manufacturers worldwide. The introduction is a direct response to real demand from existing suppliers and customers.

  • Peanut field trials in GeorgiaUnique combined focus on grower performance + characteristics beneficial to processor, manufacturer and consumer.
  • CGAR can deliver a fully integrated service from preliminary market oriented consultation, through seed development to full product commercialisation. Even after commercialisation, CGAR continues its service in maintaining seed purity which is essential to the sustainability of any variety.
  • CGAR provides growers and manufacturers with exposure to an extensive proprietory collection of over 3,000 unique and genetically diverse varieties plus access to the U.S. Peanut Germplasm Collection. This gives CGAR the unique ability to successfully introduce and develop varieties in any growing origin in the world.
  • At the most advanced level, CGAR can create for a manufacturer customer their very own "designer" peanut variety with its own unique "value-added" characteristics.

Kim Moore - Director Peanut Variety Development:

  • Kim Moore MSc Phd is one of the leading developers of High Oleic (HO) peanuts worldwide. He is by far the most advanced private sector breeder worldwide. In contrast to his competition, he takes a global rather than local view of peanut production.
  • Kim is an expert in all traditional methods of seed production/ development. His breeding program is strictly non GMO.
  • Kim and CGAR have developed and currently maintain 3,000 unique breeding lines from the following environments - SE & SW USA, China, Australia, S. Africa, Argentina and Nicaragua. Such diversity means that we have varieties adaptable to virtually any growing region in the world.
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