Community Commitment


Canon Garth sources, processes and transports peanuts in 3 countries in Southern Africa for sale into local, regional and global markets. A large percentage of our volume from these areas is produced by small holder farming communities. Canon Garth works closely with these communities, providing them with:

  • Increased crop yields through improved seed and access to inputs
  • Access to market for their crop
  • Fair prices for their crop
  • Empowerment of women in community (peanuts are typically produced by women farmers)

Sustainable Agriculture

Canon Garth encourages sustainable agriculture in all of its origins. Through initiatives like development of drought resistant seed varieties to reduce water consumption to the offering of incentives to farmers to adopt sustainable practices, we adopt different methods to develop sustainable agriculture specific to each individual production environment.

Project Partners

We develop partnerships of various different types both at origin and in the market. We are invested at every stage of the value chain from seed breeding, through production, processing and storage and we work with local partners where possible, given our understanding of the importance of local knowledge.

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