CTCS deliver traceable, sustainable coffees to roasters globally.

We recognise the demands on producers in today’s market and continually invest in their development by maximising efficiency in the supply chain. Through improvement of milling facilities, work to shorten delivery times to port and efficient stocking both at origin and at the market place, CTCS aims to maximise the income potential for producers and farmers at origin whilst staying competitive in the market place.

CTCS is committed to:

  • Developing long-term partnerships with suppliers at origin.
  • Providing pre-finance where necessary to established partners at origin
  • Memorandums of Understanding to assist in accessing finance for our suppliers

We promote sustainably sourced coffee to our customers and we continue to expand our sustainable product options.

  • Certification - We are committed to working with internationally recognised codes of conduct. We are licensed coffee traders of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Utz Kapeh, 4C and organic coffee.
  • Transparency in pricing - With suppliers and customers with whom we partner, we can operate an open commission system and have transparent sales and purchase agreements.
  • We identify producers with the potential to grow, and we invest in them by providing financial, technical and logistical support, as well as access to markets for good quality product.
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