Group CSR Policy

Company Policy

The company is committed to the following values and principles, which will be laid down in the company policy approved by its employees:

1. The company provides for the livelihood of its employees, while serving as a reliable
partner for its suppliers, clients and investors.

2. The company aims to provide interesting and challenging work in a safe and responsible
setting and will remunerate its management and middle level employees at competitive
rates and its low level employees at rates above the industry average (at least 110% of
minimum wages).

3. Non discrimination: particularly on the basis of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation,
disability, marital status, age, religion, political opinion, union membership, or social origin
in recruitment, promotion, access to training, remuneration, allocation of work, termination
of employment, retirement or other activities.

4. Personal development and capacity building: The company will annually set a target for
social development with employee representatives. The plan details social goals, ways to
achieve and measure the goals, timeframes and resources. Management is responsible for
the allocation of the resources (funds, personnel, time…) and workers take responsibility in
implementing the measures; At least one working hour in every week is dedicated to
technical and general training provided by an internal or external resource person. All new
employees undergo basic training and instruction in the company values, rights and duties,
work safety, code of conduct and environmental issues.

5. Freedom of labour: There is no forced or child labour. Copies of official identification
documents for each employee are kept on file. Employees are free to join any trade unions
and trade unions are given access to workers provided good manners and due notice are

6. Employees: are encouraged to participate in daily work issues. Each department will hold
regular meetings in which employees can suggest improvements.

7. Corruption: will not be tolerated. Notices and a suggestion/grievance box serve as a tool to
prevent corruption.

8. Women empowerment: It is our target to employ at least 50% female workers on each
level of the company, and give women priority in case of equal qualifications. One woman
will be appointed as a spokes person on women matters, reporting directly to the MD or
any other suitable person.

9. Work safety: Workplaces, machinery and equipment on the production site must be as safe
as possible and any inherent health hazard will be minimized by adequate control

  • Risk areas and potential hazards will be clearly marked with warning signs in local languages and pictograms;
  • Safety instructions and procedures including accident prevention and response will be part of staff training;
  • All hazardous machinery and equipment will have adequate safety devices. Protectors must be placed over moving parts;
  • Safety equipment will be provided to all workers. Workers will be instructed and monitored in its proper use;
  • The following persons are not allowed to be engaged in any potentially hazardous work: persons younger than 18 years, pregnant or nursing women, persons with incapacitating mental conditions, persons with chronic, hepatic, renal or respiratory diseases;
  • Electrical equipment, wiring and outlets are properly placed, grounded and inspected for overloading and leakage by a professional on a regular basis;
  • Fire exits, escape routes, fire fighting equipment and fire alarms are provided for every indoor workplace. They are properly marked and kept clear of obstructions, allowing swift and safe exit during emergencies;
  • All indoor workplaces have adequate lighting and ventilation;
  • The company premises and its environs will be free of obvious defect and maintained in a safe, and where necessary hygienically clean condition;
  • The company provides all workers with necessary working clothes appropriate to their tasks free of charge. Such working clothes are replaced regularly. All workers must have access to potable water and clean sanitary facilities;
  • A health and safety officer (H&S) is appointed to monitor potentially hazardous areas and suggest preventive measures;
  • The company provides adequate emergency first aid facilities, equipment and appropriately trained first aid staff to meet all reasonably foreseeable emergency first aid situations. Any work accidents and related first aid measures must be reported to the H&S officer;
  • Workers and their representatives are trained in the basic requirements of occupational health and safety, relevant health protection and first aid. Special measures are taken to identify and avoid reoccurring health risks to vulnerable workers operating in high risk areas;
  • The company is committed to preserving the natural resources and to take care of the environment.

10. Waste: will be kept to a minimum and separated:

  • Organic waste will be treated in the bio gas plant and the methane produced will be used as energy supply. The waste (compost) will be used as environmentally safe organic fertilizer;
  • Metal waste will be sold to local strap dealers;
  • Plastic waste will be sent to recycling plants;
  • The residual water will be filtered and used for irrigation of trees and green surfaces.

11. Energy: All possible ways of energy conservation will be explored. Electricity consumption
will be kept to a minimum by use of up to date equipment and sensible use of light and

12. Water consumption: will be kept to a minimum and all grey water will be recycled for
toilet flushing and irrigation of green surfaces.

13. Chemicals: The company will employ in its production processes only chemicals and
detergents which are approved

14. Raw materials procurement: The company will not process raw materials and ingredients
derived from GMOs, procuring raw materials only from suppliers who apply appropriate
environmental standards (such as GlobalGAP certification or internal monitoring).

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